How to change the Windows mouse scroll direction to the same natural direction as Mac

How to change the Windows mouse scroll direction to the same natural direction as Mac

Background to writing this article

I usually use a Mac, but I use Windows because of my work.

Such a switching boxer? The top ranker who is troubled when switching is like the part of the operation that the scroll direction of the mouse is reversed between Windows and Mac.

You can match the Mac side, but as a person who is already accustomed to touch operation, it can not be convinced to adjust it to a strange operation (lol)


When examining whether there is a way to easily change, the contents of using the free software that can be set with some dedicated applications of some mice or using such custom software as an article is not in the standard settings of Windows There seem to be many.

However, it is cumbersome to increase the number of resident apps just by changing one setting, so when I looked for other methods, I found that the purpose could be achieved by rewriting the registry.

Actual procedure

The procedure for rewriting the registry is as follows.

  1. Start Registry Editor with "regedit" from Cortana or "Run As"
  2. Open `` HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Enum \ HID \ VID _ ??? \ VID _ ??? \ Device Parameters '' key
  3. Change "FlipFlopWheel" value to "1"
  4. Restart Windows
Set FlipFlopWheel to 1 with regedit

Set FlipFlopWheel to 1 with regedit

"VID _ ???" in the above registry key is the "Hardware ID" of the connected mouse.

There are as many mice as have been connected, and the behavior changes only with the mouse with the FlipFlopWheel value corresponding to the hardware ID rewritten.

The procedure for checking the hardware ID is as follows.

  1. Open "Mouse" from Control Panel
  2. Click the "Properties" button on the "Hardware" tab
  3. Select “Hardware ID” from “Properties” on the “Details” tab of the opened screen, and check the “Value”
Mouse hardware ID

Mouse hardware ID


Although it has not been verified, it seems that it can be rewritten using the following script in PowerShell.

[code lang = 'shell'] Get-ItemProperty HKLM: \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Enum \ HID ** \ Device` Parameters FlipFlopWheel -EA 0 | ForEach-Object {Set-ItemProperty $ _. PSPath FlipFlopWheel 1}
[/ code]

Search the registry with “Get-ItemProperty”, connect it with a pipe, and rewrite the value with “Set-ItemProperty”.


Inverting direction of mouse scroll wheel

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