How to easily distribute Mac apps made with RAD Studio / Delphi

How to easily distribute Mac apps created with RAD Studio / Delphi Speak slowly

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The contents of the 29th Embarcadero Developer Camp in Tokyo's Lightning Talk held on 11/11/2014 were re-released as "How to Easily Distribute Mac Apps Made with RAD Studio / Delphi" Recorded and provided together with articles such as slides.


Slide (PDF)

How to easily distribute Mac apps made with RAD Studio / Delphi

Video 1: Overview

This video explains the prerequisites and knowledge necessary for distributing applications on Mac.

Video 2: Procedure

This video explains how to create and convert an installer image from creating a new DMG file on Mac.


If you don't officially register in the App Store, for example, if you want to distribute it only within the company, you may have found that you can create a disk image for distribution fairly easily.

If it is an application created with great effort, it is also good to spend a lot of time to increase the number of people who can use it.

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