Shopping ♪ I bought a clip-type stand for smartphones / tablets, the spec Get a Grip

I bought a clip type stand for a smartphone tablet, spec Get a Grip.
Lightweight with a tripod hole!

◎ The purchased product is “Clip Stand with Tripod Hole for Spec Computer Tablet”

Background to writing this article

I wanted a stand for the tablet.

I wanted a type that wouldn't be a problem to carry around with a tablet or a stand, instead of the usual standing one.

Ideally, the Surface kickstand can be retrofitted, but I don't want it to be heavy with it, and there is no such product for Windows PCs and Android (only for Logitech iPad), compromised Was a clip-type stand.

About the product

Vanity box
I was a little surprised that there was a cosmetic box properly made of overseas products in this price range (lol)

I took it out.
It will be folded by the spring force.
The spring is quite strong.

Up moving parts
The moving part is up.
The middle hole is a screw hole for a tripod.
Because it is a common size, I was able to use my tripod.

Placed sideways (back)
This is a view from the back with a 7-inch tablet in between.

Placed sideways (table)
It is the figure seen from the table across the 7-inch tablet.
Because of the width of the clip, there was no rattling on the side even with a 9.7-inch tablet.

Placed sideways (landscape)
A side view of a 7-inch tablet.
It is stable.

Placed vertically (back)
Since it is a clip type and has a strong clipping force, it can stand on its own without any problems even when placed vertically.

I tried lifting it with a pinch 1
The clip force is strong, so it won't wobble even if you lift it.

I tried to lift it while pinching 2
Even if you shake it a little, it's still fine (although it is a still image).

I measured the weight
The weight is quite light at 46 grams.
If it's folded, it's thin, so it's okay to carry it around.

This is a video review of the product


The disadvantages are that the angle cannot be adjusted because of the clip type, and that the material is plastic, so if you touch it on the desk, it will slide with that force.

The latter was solved by attaching a round rubber foot with a seal.

◎ Such rubber feet

You can use it as it is installed, and you can use it with you.

Purchased product

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