Shopping ♪ Keyboard with ultra-small touchpad (slide pad) with Bluetooth connection Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02

Keyboard with ultra-small touchpad with Bluetooth connection Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02 I bought a review.

Motivation for purchase

I bought Surface Pro 3 the other day as a Windows tablet, but I want a hardware keyboard when using it as a desktop or typing a long sentence to some extent, including the Miix2 8 that I have had before.
* Miix2 8 has a smaller screen size and is easier to thumb than Surface Pro 3 (bitter smile)

I purchased the TypeCover for Surface Pro 3, but it's nearly 300g by itself, and it's really heavy to carry with me.

So I started looking for a lighter keyboard.

The standards I wanted were as follows:


  • Since there is only one USB port on Surface Pro 3, it must be connected via Bluetooth
  • The ESC / Tab key, modifier key (Shift / Ctrl / Alt), numeric key, F1, F2, etc. must exist independently
  • At least lighter than TypeCover
  • Must be a QWERTY array
  • Must have a touchpad or mouse


  • There is a backlight

Photo review

Buy at Amazon's Hisgadget Japan
So, it arrived the next day when I got it.
It is a small box.
Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02 case

Included items

The bundled items other than the main unit that I received were USB cable, warranty card, user's manual, and Thanks card.
Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02

USB dongle

The device has a built-in Bluetooth USB dongle.
I see comments that weren't included in reviews, but I don't notice.
Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02 USB dongle

Keyboard side

What a Japanese keyboard (engraved).
I thought that the photos on the photo were of the US layout, but I was happy because I could hit them as engraved. It is ... is not it.
Those who complain that it is not according to the carved seal will settle down if they know that the keyboard layout is properly aligned ...
Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02 keyboard side


There is neither particularly good nor bad.
Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02 rear

Side switch

The power button is sliding.
One MiniUSB port for charging.
Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02 Power supply and MiniUSB

Laser pointer function

Laser pointer function that you are unlikely to use.
Ah, the cat jumps happily (laughs)
The touch pad (slide pad) part can be changed vertically and horizontally according to the pointer mode.
The color is red.
Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02 laser pointer

Switch for using the laser pointer.
Riitek Rii mini Bluetooth keybord RT-MWK02 Laser pointer switch

Try using it

Below are some of the thoughts I actually carried around for a while.

I think it was good

  • Key layout and engraving are the same as Japanese 106/109
  • The type feels ticking and can be pressed properly. Speaking of being close to Zaurus MI-E1
  • Mouse wheel scrolling is achieved by combining the Fn keys. It ’s very different if it ’s just vertical scrolling.
  • You can use F1, F2, etc. with the Fn key combination. Since there are many similar products that cannot be entered from around F8
  • Home / End / PgUp / PgDn can also be used in combination with Fn key and cursor key
  • The "Full / Half" key in the upper left was a "half-width / full-width" key
  • The backlight is unexpectedly bright and convenient

Points for improvement

  • "^ /-" Is left of the space key, so it's hard to get used to typing
  • I want the mouse button on the left side of the keyboard, not under the touchpad. It is very difficult to drag (although tap / drag is possible)
  • To touch and hit with your hand, the touchpad on the right side will get in the way. There is no help for the shape of the product, but it can be square, so I think it should be at the top of the keyboard.
  • There are also many input errors in the ZXCV column, so I want you to shift it by one key to the right.
  • I only have 100g, but it feels heavier than I thought. Before that, it was for iPhone 5 and it was about 68g, so compared to that,
  • The 33mm square touchpad is still narrow. Where you want to increase the size of the keyboard and layout
  • 15mm is thick. The smartphone is cut by 10mm as usual, and if it is thicker than the Surface Pro 3 that I have with it, I feel something subtle ...
  • Why did you choose MicroUSB as the power source?


I have made many requests for improvement, but I am generally satisfied.

When writing e-mails and blogs, it's really tough (although you can still do it), but when you're watching the web or chatting, you don't have to use a software keyboard that covers almost half of the screen. So useful.

Click here to purchase.

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