I tried to install Windows 10 Tecnical Preview on Teclast X89HD (H31C) & returned to Windows 8.1

Background to writing this article

I tried to install Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9841 that came out the other day on Teclast X89HD (H31C).

However, because the X89HD has a lot of devices that are not very common, it takes a lot of time, so take notes for yourself and those who think the same thing.

How to install

I downloaded the ISO file of Windows 10 Technical Preview and installed it by upgrading.

Problems immediately after installation

The biggest problem is that there is no Wi-Fi device driver, so it won't connect to the network.

The device used in the X89HD is Realtek's RTL8723BS.
The driver itself is published on Windows Update, so it should be connected to the Internet.

I only have a USB-LAN conversion device for the MacBook Air, and I find it difficult to find a driver for it, so I decided to connect it by tethering (Bluetooth was alive).

Open “Devices and Printers | Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices” from the control panel, etc., and this time we decided to tether with your iPhone 6 and use it.

Connect to the Internet with Bluetooth tethering

Connect to the Internet with Bluetooth tethering

When you open Windows Update, you can see the item “RTL8723BS” in “Windows Drivers”. Check it and run Install.

Realtek RTL8723BS driver is displayed

Realtek RTL8723BS driver is displayed

You can use Wi-Fi by following the above procedure, so you can install other updates using Wi-Fi at home.

New preview build error when installing

Other updates ended well and I was using it for a while, but when I tried to update it because a new build came out.

Cannot install ...

The following error appears and the "Preview builds" menu does not advance.

"Failed to install the new preview build., Please try again later.0x80070057."

When 0x80070057 is displayed

When 0x80070057 is displayed

The error seems to be caused by a corrupted image that needs to be updated, so I tried to repair it using the DISM tool.

Use the following command to execute repair.

 dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth 

When executed, the progress is displayed.

Try DISM for 0x80070057

Try DISM for 0x80070057

The repair work seems to have finished without problems.

DISM result

DISM result

But I still get an error (cry)

The result of installing Windows 10 Tecnical Preview

The result of installing Windows 10 Tecnical Preview

Other errors such as 0x8024200D, 0x80070652, and 0x80070652 appear (crying out loud).

Decided to revert to Windows 8.1

I was unable to resolve the previous error.

It's good to use it as it is, but if you can't update it to the latest version, I decided to use it as much as possible, so I decided to go back to Windows 8.1.

However, there is another struggle here ...

I created a recovery disk in advance, but when I use the recovery disk, I cannot use the touch panel.

Since there is no help for it, we decided to convert the microUSB to a USB-A type, and after connecting the USB-HUB, we connected the USB memory and the keyboard that would be the recovery disk.

The recovery disk and keyboard connected via a USB hub

The recovery disk and keyboard connected via a USB hub

After that, I proceeded with the setup using the recovery disk menu (it is judged by the icon because it is Chinese).

Setting up from recovery disk

Setting up from recovery disk


There is no other Windows tablet with a Retina class high resolution (2048 x 1536 / 326ppi) like the Teclast X89HD in the 7-8 inch class, so it is a very handy device, but it is a trouble that is unique to the Chinese pad There is no.

It would be nice if the driver issue was resolved before the official release of Windows 10.

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