How to change the default location for new contacts on iPhone

It was an au iPhone that was changed the other day, but when I created a new contact on an iPhone that synced contacts with Gmail etc., it became difficult to know where to save it.

I thought I could copy it to Gmail because I couldn't help it, but I couldn't find a way ...

So, for the time being, a note about setting the default method for saving new iPhone contacts.

How to set iPhone default account

The procedure is as follows.

  1. Select "Settings | Mail / Contacts / Calendar" menu
  2. Change "Default Account" in "Contacts" category
    デフォルト アカウントの設定

    Set default account


It is a very simple setting, but if you change your carrier, you may not be able to recover from backup.
* I am au from SoftBank

If there is the same thing? It's a note for you.

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