MySpeed doesn't work with Google Chrome on Mac OS X: Solution

Want to play YouTube or Nico Douga at your favorite speed?


Although it is super convenient MySpeed that can freely adjust the speed of the Flash video played on the browser, fast or slow, it may not work with Google Chrome (version 21 or later?).


The reason is that MySpeed does not support when the version of the plug-in used to play Flash in Chrome is using PepperFlash.


Therefore, it can be solved by setting the PepperFlash plug-in not to be used on Chrome.

The procedure is as follows.

Disable PepperFlash plugin

Disable PepperFlash plugin

  1. Open it by typing "chrome: // plugins /" in the Chrome address bar, then click the "More" link
  2. Look for settings that end with PepperFlashPlayer.plugin in the "Adobe Flash Player" category
  3. Change to "Disable"

that's all.

If you restart Chrome, MySpeed should work fine.


MySpeed is really an indispensable tool because I have a lot of information merchandise videos.
I bought a Mac version and a Windows version.

As for the case that does not work with Chrome, the above-mentioned solution is published even in the head family, but I tried to make it an article as Japanese information.

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