How to attach an attachment when sending email with Contact Form 7 plug-in

Background to writing this article

Contact Form 7 is a representative plug-in that creates contact forms in WordPress.

Contact Form 7 has a function to send an e-mail when you make an inquiry to a form, but there are times when you want to attach a file to the e-mail.

Make a note of how to meet that request.


This realization is very easy, and Zakkuri is the next flow.

  • Upload the file you want to attach in advance
  • Specify the path of the file you want to attach to “Attach File” on “Mail” tab of Contact Form 7

The specific procedure is as follows.

Upload the file you want to attach

  1. Log in to WordPress
  2. Select the "Media> Add New" menu
  3. Upload the file you want to attach
  4. Copy the "uploads / ~" part of the URL (file path)

Attachment settings

  1. Log in to WordPress
  2. Open the "Contact | Contact Form" menu
  3. Open the inquiry you want to edit
  4. Open the Mail tab
  5. Specify the URL path when uploading the server and server in [Attach File]

WordPress Contact Form 7 Attach files to email

that's all.


With the introduced method, you don't have to show where the files are on the server, and there is no need to prepare a page for downloading the files, so I think it will be relatively positive in terms of security.

Is it also beneficial to use fewer user actions?

I think there are various application methods such as landing pages and distribution of benefits to registered users.

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