Variable clamp bottle cage that can be used for both bicycle drink bottles and commercial PET bottles

Bicycle drink bottles and commercially available plastic bottles can be used.
A variable clamp bottle cage was installed.

This is the one I bought.

What is good is that it corresponds to the outer shape of the bottle of Ø63 ~ 74mm.
The variable type is irresistible for people who drink bottles and plastic bottles like myself.

I bought this in the first place because the previous bottle holder was like this ...
Probably I had screwed up a large bottle with a twister, so it was predicted that the welded part would gradually become damaged under tension.

Broken drink holder

And this is what I bought!
The first reason is `` variable '' (laugh)

Topeak cycle bottle cage package

This is the variable part.
Immediately after pressing the button
No, it just changes the size to hold (lol)

Topeak cycle Bottle cage Variable part

Attached to the bicycle.
The frame is cool (^^)

Topeak cycle bottle cage after installation

We are satisfied with this feeling ♪

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