In RAD Studio Data Explorer, FireDAC InterBase settings failed to write to file: Resolved

Background of writing this article

In RAD Studio's Data Explorer, I got an error that FireDAC's InterBase settings could not be written to a file, and I couldn't test the EMS server.

Here is a summary of the process up to the resolution.

Cause and solution

I mistakenly installed InterBase twice and deleted the latest one was the cause of the failure ...

There are two causes.

  • The environment variable setting has been rewritten → Instance has a license error
  • The registry setting has been rewritten → Access rights to the referenced folder are required

Here are the steps to fix:

Environment variable

  1. Open RAD Studio
  2. Tools> Options menu
  3. Select the "Environment Options | Environment Variables" node
  4. Change the following two "user environment variables" to appropriate values
  • IB_Protocol Specify the InterBase server instance name
  • InterBase – Specify the directory where the InterBase server executable file is located

RAD Studio InterBase environment variables


Open the registry editor from "Run with a specified file name (Win + R)" (regedit)
Open the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Embarcadero \ FireDAC" key Change the following two strings to appropriate values

  • ConnectionDefFile
    C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ Embarcadero \ Studio \ FireDAC \ FDConnectionsDefs.ini
  • DriverFile
    C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ Embarcadero \ Studio \ FireDAC \ FDDrivers.ini

FireDAC registry settings


Troubleshooting is difficult.

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