How to map OneDrive for Business to a network drive

OneDrive for Business with 1TB capacity provided by Office 365 Business, etc. Although it is not realistic to synchronize everything, it is cumbersome to do work such as renaming on the web interface.

So I tried mounting it on a network drive.

The procedure is as follows.

  1. Opening a SharePoint site in Internet Explorer I think that it is usually in the following format.
    → https: // <acquired account name> <site name> _onmicrosoft_com / Documents
  2. Open the "Show in Explorer" menu from the toolbar
    "Show in Explorer" displayed when OneDrive for Business is opened in Internet Explorer

Once opened, you can map a network drive from Windows Explorer.
Copy the address opened in Windows Explorer and specify it as the network folder to be assigned.

Assign OneDrive for Business to a network drive

This will make it easier to change the file name when organizing photos.

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