What to do if the TimeMachine backup is stuck

My MacBook Air 13 is currently running on Mavericks and backed up with TimeMachine to an external HDD.

The problem that occurred

However, for a few days ago, I encountered a phenomenon where backup with TimeMachine stopped halfway and stopped at all.


For the time being, it is often the case that you got caught in Spotlight indexing.

Open Spotlight in System Preferences and check the backup HDD (G-DRIVE Mini) as an exclusion item.

Places to exclude from Spotlight searches

There seems to be no problem.

As a precaution, I also checked if it was not a target for TimeMachine backup.

Items to exclude from TimeMachine backup

After all there is no problem.

I checked Spotlight again

Since it was terrible as it was, I searched for a solution on the net and was able to solve it as a result.

That was to remove it from the Spotlight index using a command in the terminal.
First, check the status of the index.

 aireye:~ kryu2$ mdutil -sa /: Indexing enabled. /Volumes/G-DRIVE Mini: Indexing and searching disabled. /Volumes/G-DRIVE Mini/Backups.backupdb: Indexing enabled. 

The root of G-DRIVE Mini that is the target HDD is not indexed, but Backups.backupdb under it is Indexing enabled. why? ?

Since there is no help for it, it removes it from the index object of Spotlight with a command.

 aireye:~ kryu2$ mdutil -i off "/Volumes/G-DRIVE Mini/Backups.backupdb" /Volumes/G-DRIVE Mini/Backups.backupdb: Error: unable to perform operation. Try as root. (-1) Indexing enabled. 

When I tried with mdutil, I needed root privileges.

sudo and try again.

 aireye:~ kryu2$ sudo mdutil -i off "/Volumes/G-DRIVE Mini/Backups.backupdb" /Volumes/G-DRIVE Mini/Backups.backupdb: Indexing enabled. 

Can you accept commands without any problems?
Is it still “Indexing enabled”?

But TimeMachine started to work properly.

Operation status of TimeMachine

Since the backup was completed without any problems after this, we decided that this was resolved.


I think Mac OS X can do a lot of things very easily, but what if? It is important to be able to use commands.

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