Suidobashi “All-you-can-eat fried dumplings” at Fujiiya

Today is a seminar.
I went to the restaurant “Fujiiya”, a restaurant I found out for lunch, and asked for a “meal set meal of baked dumplings” with everyone who came together.

「餃子専門店 藤井屋」の「焼き餃子全品盛り定食」

“All-you-can-eat grilled dumplings” at Fujiiya

It was just a gyoza specialty store and it was a satisfying taste and quantity.

In terms of quantity, I think that even athletic school students feel ok.
Rice is also free to change.

Although it's all in stock, there are many other types, so you'll want to go again and again.
* Breakdown of all items, black pork dumpling x3, ancestor dumpling x4, shrimp leek dumpling x2, bali Bali gyoza x4

However, there is only one table besides the counter, so it may not be suitable for going with many people.
Also, since it is baked after receiving the order, it seems to take a little time if there are many customers.

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