Teacher's way

It's not as solid as the title. .

Recently, I often wonder about my existence as a lecturer.

What I say by myself, I am confident in the contents of the techniques I teach, the techniques I teach, and I think that they have a good reputation.

However, if you ask how much you like to teach as a profession, you cannot answer.

Unfortunately, there is a considerable point of view as a work.

I don't want to talk or stand in front of people.

I often think that I'm a profession when I listen to other teachers.

I really want to be a teacher.

It's a shame that there isn't enough time to provide all the practical knowledge.

e? I didn't back up my website! ?

He / she will recover even in case of emergency
"WordPress external backup service"

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・ You don't have to do it yourself
・ With recovery in case of emergency
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    他の人の話を聞いていると「天職だな」と思うというのは、「他の人は天職なんだなあ」と思うと言うこと? それとも、他の人を見ると、「講師は自分の天職だな」と思うと言うこと?


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    >さがわ さん