When the display pauses, the problem that the windows are aggregated to the upper left occurs: Solved

The window is stuck in the upper left

Background to writing this article

I bought a 4K display on Amazon Prime Day the other day, but if I restore it after the power supply of the display entered power saving mode, the window size of the application that was running will be reduced and gathered in the upper left Has occurred.

I think that you can see by looking at the title image of this article above, but you will not normally use it in such a window size (laugh)

It is quite stressful if this symptom occurs every time you want to use it.

Equipment with this symptom


This symptom occurs because Windows has been treated as having removed the display when the display entered power saving mode.

When Windows recognizes that the display has been removed, it is based on the Windows specification to change the window size and position to fit the minimum supported resolution (1024 x 768).

Note that this problem occurs when the connection method between the PC and the display is HDMI or DisplayPort.


The solution is to change the required display resolution of Windows 10 to a 4K display resolution (3840 x 2160).

By doing this, there is no difference in the resolution to be restored even if the display is cut off, so there is no need to change or move the window size.

Use the Registry Editor to change the settings.

I think that the key to be changed is different depending on the display adapter and Windows 10 version, but I think that you can find it by looking at the resolution value.

The procedure is as follows.


  1. Launch Registry Editor
    Enter Win+R and regedit and click "OK" button
  2. Open registry key
    Change display size in Registry Editor
  3. Rewrite all the following values in 00 key and 00\00 under
    • PrimSurfSize.cx: 3840
    • PrimSurfSize.cy: 2160
    • ActiveSize.cx: 3840
    • ActiveSize.cy: 2160
    • DwmClipBox.bottom: 2160
    • DwmClipBox.right : 3840
      * Specify in decimal.
  4. Restart Windows

I don't think it is necessary to change all of the above values, but since we couldn't find the details of each value even if we looked at MSDN etc., we are doing a brute force method of rewriting all possible values. )


I have never used a display with a high resolution so far, so I haven't been bothered by it, but since this symptom occurs frequently, I searched for a solution and summarized it.

If you change to a display with a lower resolution, be careful because if you don't restore the settings in advance, you'll get a window that blows off the screen.

I'm glad if you can use it as a reference.

Purchased equipment

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